Eliminate silos

  • Create a single source of truth
  • Utilise and share transaction information
  • Bring together teams in contract compliance, finance, facility management, and sustainability

Extract value

  • Create efficiencies in transaction data processing and accessibility
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Empower approvers
  • Take control of your operational spend

Trellis is a flexible web-based platform which has been developed through close collaboration with customers and hands-on experience solving real problems.

Organisations struggle with the challenge of collecting, interpreting, and acting on the high volumes of data produced by transactions. Trellis brings visibility and integrity to the information used to make every-day business decisions

Trellis automatically aggregates and interprets data from many various sources, creating efficiencies and collaboration opportunities across internal teams. Freed of the need to enter data from invoices and struggle with spreadsheets, users can focus on enhancing consistency, reliability and take control of their operational costs.

The opportunity for increased collaboration between our finance unit and facility and environmental management with the reporting is significant and exciting.

Wayne Shore, Facilities Management Unit, University of South Australia

Currently supporting

Contract compliance

  • Compare invoice line item data to contract.
  • Flag exceptions, anomalies and outliers.
  • Track efficiency projects.
  • Close the loop on invoice dispute resolution.


  • Eliminate manual entry of invoice data.
  • Track against budget
  • Introduce and improve bill governance and enhance and automate bill approval processes.

Facility Management

  • Track utilities, resources and waste at the meter, facility, group, department or corporate level.
  • Receive automated exception notifications.
  • Track efficiency projects.


  • Drive collaboration.
  • Accurately track and report resources, utilities, waste, energy and greenhouse gases.
  • Be audit-ready.

Developed with

Local Government


Aged & Community Care


Retail connectors

Trellis intercepts, processes, and interprets data from a constantly-growing list of over 70 providers.
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