Boost operational
performance & stability

Trellis for Facilities &
Asset Managers

Harness data to improve

Make every decision count and every action rewarding, knowing you’re backed up by 100% accurate, up-to-date data. We automated the entire process for you.
Connect the dots between transactions, costs and sustainability metrics
Identify anomalies and exceptions
Monitor effectiveness of projects and initiatives
Demonstrate results

What can you do
with Trellis

Trellis is your virtual data manager, constantly working in the background, capturing, extracting and consolidating your data so that you could:
Access original invoice files
Integrate submeter data
Monitor progress against targets
Achieve granularity
Integrate energy production and solar feed-in data
Set alerts and notifications

Technology you can trust

We use advanced machine learning and a complex algorithm to automatically capture, extract and consolidate your transactional data in a way that is:
Fully automated
Dead Simple
100% Compliant
Always up-to-date
Want to see it in action?
We will be glad to show you around

Beyond Facility Management

Getting access to interpreted transactional data can benefit multiple business functions across your organisation. Check out how trellis can benefit your business.
Environment & Sustainability
Finance & Procurement
Business Analysts