February 19, 2020 Environment & Sustainability

Peter Lehmann Wines

About Peter Lehmann Wines

Peter Lehmann Wines Limited is committed to environmental sustainability across all levels of viticulture, winemaking and operations. This includes the efficient optimisation of the use of available resources, limiting the effects of the daily winery operations on the environment and ensuring that all materials used are recycled wherever possible.

Launched in late 2014, Peter Lehmann’s ‘The Clare Project’ is Australia’s first certified wine product to be recognised under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard Carbon Neutral (NCOS CN) program – a robust framework comprised of strict methodologies to ensure that offset emissions are accurate and the abatement credits sourced are of the highest quality.

Carbon neutral certification under NCOS

NCOS product certification requires a Greenhouse Gas Lifecycle Inventory Report, an Emissions Management Plan (EMP), offsetting unavoidable emissions (using certified offsets) from the lifecycle of the product and a third party audit.

Peter Lehmann Wines Limited engaged Balance Carbon to audit their NCOS package for ‘The Clare Project’ to become Australia’s first carbon neutral certified wine product.

Key NCOS audit services provided by Balance Carbon for Peter Lehmann Wines Limited included:

  • Providing assurance on emission factors and calculation methodologies,
  • Ensuring robust controls and processes for data capture and reporting,
  • Confirming the product greenhouse gas inventory boundary and scope;
  • Confirming eligibility of greenhouse gas abatement including efficiency measures, renewable energy purchases and carbon offsets.