March 17, 2020

The Case For Trellis

Southern Sydney Region of Councils select Trellis

SSROC is an association of 11 councils spanning Sydney’s CBD and southern, eastern, and inner west suburbs. These councils cover 1.7m people, one third of the Greater Sydney population.

A sub-set of five councils within this group, who have been using various energy and emissions reporting systems, some for many years decided with the advancement of technology and innovation, it was time to review the market to see what else if anything was available to meet their current and expanding needs.

Trellis Technologies, was ultimately selected to provide an energy and resource accounting system as a preferred supplier to the Southern Sydney Region of Councils (SSROC).

To date the majority of councils including Georges River Council, the City of Canada Bay and NSW’s largest council by population, the City of Canterbury Bankstown have migrated to Trellis, in some cases including large parcels of historical data.

The councils are utilising Trellis to monitor utilities performance, validate meter and supplier connections, dis-connections and performance, align with Australian accounting standards and ultimately make use of Trellis’s advanced PDF invoice extraction and interpretation technology.

Over the coming years Trellis will be supporting the SSROC councils to deliver fast and accurate utility, emissions and resource reporting with some deeper dives into big data and analytics to expose insights and performance characteristics whilst ultimately speeding up the sustainability journey for the group, their community & stakeholders.