September 16, 2022

Stone & Chalk go Net-Zero with Trellis


Stone & Chalk plays an integral part in accelerating the progress of technology in Australia. They support and work with startups, scaleups, corporations, the government and the wider ecosystem (including experts, investors, mentors and universities), to drive emerging tech innovation for positive impact. Founded in Sydney in 2015, Stone & Chalk has emerged as a serious contributor to startup success and ecosystem building. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, Stone & Chalk have now established a network with both national and international reach across all emerging tech sectors.

Stone & Chalk Group’s net-zero journey started with data collection. To have any understanding of what needs to change, you need to know what is currently happening, and what has already happened; and the best way to do this is through data. Through the automatic conversion of unstructured transactional data through the Trellis system, the Stone & Chalk Group team were able to establish their baseline, set benchmarks to assess and identify areas for change.