February 19, 2020 Finance & Procurement

Tyre Cycle

About Tyre Cycle

With a national network of collection and processing facilities as well as a fleet of over 70 collection vehicles, Tyre Cycle diverts approximately 12,500,000 tyres per annum from landfill and recycles them into alternative fuel and rubber crumb used to make end products. These end products include new tyres, sporting surfaces, brake pads, building insulation and road surfaces.

Energy Cost Management

Tyre Cycle uses Trellis Technologies to provide the foundation for a holistic approach to energy cost management. To date working with Trellis Technologies has led to over $50,000 in annual savings locked in across facilities in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in the areas of:

  • Optimising contract rates nationally
  • Reducing network tariffs
  • Reducing meter data charges

Trellis’s service has resulted
in Tyre Cycle locking in some significant annual financial savings.
Savings we were previously unaware of. We are really excited about our
ongoing monitoring through the Trellis system identifying further
savings and importantly building on our businesses commitment to
operational efficiency and sustainability.

Marc Rose, Chief Financial Officer, Tyre Cycle Pty Limited.

Electricity costs are complex and are based on demand and usage
charges, fees and tariffs from generators, distribution network owners
and retailers. Distribution network owners and electricity retailers
make constant adjustments to their charges and can also make errors in
their billing to end users. Often these changes go unaccounted or

What is Trellis – Sustainability Faster?

Complete, accurate and timely data is the cornerstone of effective utility management decision making. Trellis intercepts utility bills, extracts data, provides powerful utility management analytics and makes processing and reporting faster. Importantly Trellis’s technical team lead issue and opportunity identification and rectification.

Accessed online via a personalised subscription service, Trellis provides a continuous data stream and trend analytics, which makes monitoring utilities (electricity, gas, water) as well as fuel, waste and other resources/activities easy.

More Information

If you would like to understand more about our approach and how we
can assist you to become more sustainable faster, please contact Trellis Technologies via Ph 1300 7754 10 or email info@yourtrellis.com.