Frequently Asked

Who is Trellis for?

Trellis is helping organisations that want to automate and consolidate their sustainability and operational data and make better, data-driven decisions across the organisation.

Keeping NGER compliant, producing insightful reports and optimising operational costs are just a few of the things our customers can achieve with Trellis.

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What type of business/organisation can benefit from it?

As a rule of thumb, any organisation that has multiple utility accounts or meters will benefit the most from everything that Trellis has to offer.

We find that we can add more value as the operational complexity grows and there is more need for a granular view. That usually includes higher education institutions, local government, utilities companies, construction companies, government agencies and processing/manufacturing companies.

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Is it only for environmental managers/sustainability?

No. It’s true that transactional data is the best way to source and analyse sustainability metrics but it doesn’t end there. When you can automate the process of capturing, extracting and consolidating your transactional data – you’re opening a door to a world of financial and operational insights.

This means our system can also help other business units such as finance and procurement, business analysts and facility managers (as well as environmental managers).

Is Trellis compliant with NGER?


Is Trellis compliant with the Climate Active Program?

Yes, our system has supported many organisations and events achieve and maintain carbon neutral certification under Climate Active. We have two key team members who are also registered with Climate Active as Technical Consultants, so we can support you at every step.

How is data collected and being interpreted?

The entire process is fully automated – in fact, it’s like having a virtual data manager working for you in the background.

Trellis automatically collects your data (from electronic invoices PDFs, contracts, excel sheets etc.), it then uses machine learning and AI algorithms to extract the data from these documents. Once done, it uploads it to the Trellis dashboard in a way that you can easily access it, filter it and get the insights/reports that you are after.

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How can I access the data that’s been collected?

You will get access to your own customisable dashboard – where you can monitor everything, create reports, set alarms and notifications, and most importantly – find invaluable insights.

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Can it be integrated with existing systems?

Yes. Trellis is not trying to replace your business management systems or financial ones – it works in parallel and can be integrated into finance systems, enterprise dashboards, asset management systems and task management systems.

The idea is to support your needs and enhance your capabilities. Contact Us today and let’s see what configuration is the best fit for your organisation.

Why transactional data?

Transaction data inextricably links resource usage or waste volumes, cost(s), GHG emissions (tCO2-e), time periods and suppliers. In turn this approach delivers trust amongst stakeholders, steers effort and supports process efficiency and enquiry across multiple business areas to support, guide and ultimately speed up the sustainability journey

Is Trellis only useful for transaction data?

No. While the focus is on transactional data, there are many other mixed format data sources that Trellis ingests and interprets.

Can you help us implement the digital transformation?

We can and we will. We believe that supporting the implementation process is crucial to its success and we will be there every step of the way.

We see ourselves as your partner in this journey so we combine our forefront technology with unparalleled service to address your needs and deliver results.

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How secure it is?

Trellis maintains very strict and high level security in terms of our infrastructure and servers.

Can you demonstrate the impact of Trellis on Business performance?

Trellis delivers not only efficiency in internal data processing and interpretation, but it can also save you money on consultants, audits and in finding transaction errors and duplications. It can even help you find ways of taking small immediate steps to reduce costs through detailed analysis of transaction line items.

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We’re already using another data management system – how easy it is to migrate?

We have already helped many clients transfer to Trellis from a range of other systems in the market and have a series of tailored tools and hands on experience to make the migration a streamlined and efficient process, which will ensure that from day one you are never looking back.

How long before data is being collected and we can start seeing insights / reports?

From the moment you start pointing your invoices to us (we have a number of proven simple workflows to achieve this), you can start analysing and receiving insights and notifications.  It really is that simple.