Data You Can
Work With

Trellis explained

More Insights.
Less Manual Work.

When all your essential data is organised and interpreted in one place - you open the door to a world of insights that can help your business grow and become more efficient.
Trellis is like your virtual data manager, constantly working in the background to help you achieve exactly that.
Automatic Data Collection
We set up an automated and secured workflow which points any relevant data source into Trellis (your invoices, spreadsheets, contracts, etc)
Smart and Continuous Data Processing
We use advanced machine learning and complex algoriths to automatically capture, extract and consolidate your data in one place

Features of Trellis

One Dashboard
Access all your data in one dynamic dashboard and focus on the right insights.
Real Time Alerts
Set up notifications and alerts according to your needs (like new data, anomalies, projects, suppliers, etc)
Multiple Reports
Go beyond environmental reports and make use of cost/budget, suppliers, Data Health or any other custom report.

Works Wherever
You Need It

Trellis can be used as a standalone system or integrated with other finance, asset management, task management, sub-metering or BI systems

Benefits That Roll Across Your Organisation

Make informed, data-based, real-time decisions across multiple business functions
Environment & Sustainability
Facility & Asset Management
Finance & Procurement
Business Analysts