November 24, 2016

A Year with the Future of Environmental Management

In April 2016 Balance Carbon announced our sponsorship of the University of Queensland’s Geography and Environmental Management Society (“UQ GEMS”). With UQ students currently sitting their end of year exams we reflect on our year with UQ GEMS.

Lead by a passionate and dedicated executive, UQ GEMS has set about engaging students studying either degree in considering their future career paths. Whilst studying students in the society also enjoy the social aspect of like-minded individuals, all passionate about achieving positive sustainability outcomes and learning how best to achieve these.

Industry Engagement

Through our sponsorship, Balance Carbon sought to promote a balanced and positive view of the current environmental industry. To this end, Balance Carbon’s Helen McCarthy gave the keynote presentation at the UQ Industry Night in Semester One. Industry Night was well attended by prospective employers, encouraging students to engage in what their day to day roles might entail in the workforce.

In Semester Two Balance Carbon hosted a debate on the topic “Is Voluntary Action a Waste of Time?” The topic was deliberately chosen to be provocative and to encourage students to engage with the effectiveness of altruism. The winning arguments posed by the affirmative team (That voluntary action is a waste of time) certainly prompted some spirited post debate, discussion.


UQ GEMS significantly increased membership in 2016, growing by 30% in total members and achieving a significant milestone of 85% of first year students joining the society. Additionally, key board members were recognised by the broader UQ community with Doug Allen being awarded the 2016 Outstanding Contribution to Campus Culture for 2016.

Why we partnered UQ GEMS

At Balance Carbon have a strong commitment to working with Universities an
d are encouraged by the leadership role that UQ GEMS takes in promoting their students and providing an active society.

Partnering with UQ GEMS in a natural extension for Balance Carbon having joined Australian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) in 2015.