December 6, 2019

Adelaide Festival 2020 Goes Carbon Neutral

Underpinned by Trellis Technologies, the Adelaide Festival 2020 has achieved carbon neutral event certification under the Australian Government’s Climate Active program. Trellis is capturing and analysing data from a range of activities including attendee and performer travel, on-ground transportation, freight, food and beverages consumed, stationary fuel usage, accommodation and electricity, gas, water and waste from the 20 key venue locations at pre-event, during-event and post-event stages.

The Adelaide Festival 2020 is one of Australia’s premier festivals and the first art festival to achieve carbon neutral certification. It features approximately 500 performances with around 70,000 ticketed attendances in 20 venues around Adelaide and its inner suburbs for around 3 weeks. It also features large-scale outdoor events, free exhibitions, and encompasses the Adelaide Writers’ Week – one of the country’s largest literary festivals. In 2019, 1,270 artists and writers came from around the world to participate.

The Adelaide Festival’s sustainability page explains that:

“We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and we are proud to become the first arts festival in Australia to be certified carbon neutral.

We will consistently measure and reduce our impacts on the environment, while offsetting the remaining carbon emissions involved in presenting our arts festival.

We are working with our staff, artists, suppliers, crew, volunteers, donors, sponsors and audience to ensure that sustainability is a key focus in everything we do.”

The Adelaide Festival is committed to reducing its carbon emissions where it can do so directly, particularly at the major outdoor events, and to work with and influence its suppliers and the venues where performances are held. It will also engage audiences, artists, employees and volunteers in practices that will cut emissions per attendee to make the 2020 event as sustainable as possible.