November 9, 2020

Driving Sustainability on campus

Flinders University’s commitment to a sustainable future has reached a new milestone with the installation of thirteen new electric vehicle charging stations on the main campus as their fleet commences its transition to electric vehicles. 

The main campus currently has 2.22MW of renewable energy generation from solar roof-top installations, including one of Adelaide’s largest solar arrays of 4,136 panels over carpark #3 and more recent installations that take the total number of panels to 7,467. Flinders produces over 20% of its campus’ energy needs and are aiming to lift that to 30%.

In addition, they’re looking into sourcing the balance of energy needs from wind and solar power generated in South Australia. This balance of on-site and off-site renewable energy will put Flinders University in a position where all the electricity consumed is ‘zero emissions’, including that used in their fleet.

Flinders University uses Trellis to assist with the monitoring and evaluation of projects in accordance with their Sustainability Plan, which was co-designed by students and staff over 2018 and launched in 2019. 

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