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Trellis partners with Stone & Chalk Group to build a sustainable emerging tech sector

AUSTRALIA, SYDNEY, 12 APRIL 2022 — Trellis, the software for sustainable growth, has announced it has partnered with Australia’s home for emerging tech innovation, Stone & Chalk Group, to forge a path to a more sustainable emerging tech sector.

Climate change and net-zero commitments are reshaping the Australian corporate landscape. Stone & Chalk Group, through the use of Trellis’ data solutions is cementing its path for a more sustainable future by achieving carbon neutrality.

Carbon-neutral initiatives and broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals are gaining huge traction, from small Australian startup’s to global conglomerates. Some of Australia’s leading tech organisations like Stone & Chalk Group, Canva and TechnologyOne are already attaining net zero certification. What sets Trellis apart, is their ability to provide the everyday business with the means to ignite real change and expedite the transition to fast, sustainable growth.

Stone & Chalk Group’s net-zero journey started with data collection. To have any understanding of what needs to change, you need to know what is currently happening, and what has already happened; and the best way to do this is through data. Through the automatic conversion of unstructured transactional data through the Trellis system, the Stone & Chalk Group team were able to establish their baseline, set benchmarks to assess and identify areas for change.

All business and government need information at their fingertips, to have full visibility on impact and spend. Matthew Shorten, CEO and Co-founder of Trellis, said: “Having a strong digitised framework for sustainability disclosures is like gold.”

“Trellis provides revolutionary software solutions that empower organisations to take the necessary action to build a more sustainable future, using key data insights for decision-making. As more business leaders regularly look at their financial information, the broader ESG data provided by Trellis’ systems is allowing for ESG data to be woven into this story.”

Trellis customers are implementing around four major ESG initiatives per annum. As the user numbers grow, and success stories increase, our data depicts a brighter future for Australian companies operating and maintaining a sustainability journey.

“Climate change is no longer an issue for the next generation to face. It is the responsibility of those with the ability to make a difference to act. Australian climate tech is addressing climate issues locally, and abroad, so Stone & Chalk Group is dedicated to fostering companies making a big impact, like Trellis” said Michael Bromley, CEO of Stone & Chalk Group. “Stone & Chalk Group has been carbon-neutral for some time, and is proud to be working with Trellis in maintaining our net zero carbon journey. The work Trellis does is important for us as we strive to transform Australia into a sustainable technology driven economy.”

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