Balance Carbon an early mover in the new low carbon economy formed in 2007 to support organisations grappling with the introduction of a raft of new national and international policy, legislation and standards related to clean energy, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pricing.

At that point the team including registered greenhouse and energy auditors (CER), PhDs and professors focussed on strategic consulting, audit and advisory services.

By 2011, following years of working with many of Australia’s largest and leading sustainability focussed organisations, we had launched a sophisticated internal database system for the purposes of supporting internal processes, securely storing a growing volume of data and allowing sophisticated analysis.

During 2013/14, armed with clarity and validation of our growing customer needs, the opportunities of digitising our services and uncovering some latent internal software genius, we took the first steps towards a whole of business transition from consulting to software as a service by enabling web based customer access to our ‘internal’ database. We called it C3online.

By mid 2016, following the attraction of more genius, a focussed product management campaign (that only something like C3online could enable) and our commitment and passion for collaboration and data driven decision making,  we had launched Trellis software-as-a-service, which superseded C3online.

Today, Trellis has already processed and interpreted nearly half a $Billion dollars in transactions associated with around 4.5Mt/CO2-e. We are continually driven by our vision, mission and values remaining firm and committed to listening to what our customers have to say, optimising our ability to be agile and meet their needs, whilst leading a new way of optimising transactional intelligence to drive sustainability faster along with so much more.

We aren’t slowing down either, we are getting faster and more nimble and so are our customers. Do you see yourself writing history with us?