Our History

By 2011, following years of working with many of Australia’s largest and leading sustainability-focused organisations, we had developed a sophisticated internal database system for the purposes of supporting internal processes, securely storing a growing volume of data and allowing sophisticated analysis.

At that point the team including registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), PhDs and professors focussed on data science, audit and advisory services.

During 2014, armed with clarity and validation of our growing customer needs, the opportunities of digitising our services and uncovering some latent internal software genius, we took the first steps towards a whole of business transition from consulting services to software as a service by providing customers web access to our internal database, which we called C3online.

Becoming Trellis

By mid-2016, following the attraction of more genius, a focused product management campaign and our commitment and passion for collaboration and data driven decision making from a ‘single source of truth’, we had launched Trellis, which superseded C3online.

In October 2018 our new company name Trellis Technologies was launched to better reflect a broader vision, mission and services focussed on structurally supporting the business areas of finance, procurement, facility/asset management and environmental management to improve corporate sustainability and insight.

Trellis Today

To date Trellis has already processed and interpreted over $1 billion of transactions linked to over 4.5Mt/CO2-e.

We are continually driven by our vision, mission, values and customer needs with a focus on agile development and optimising transactional intelligence to drive business, financial and environmental sustainability faster.

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