Leadership group
We're working hard around the clock so you don't have to. Fiercely driven by our customer needs, vision, mission and values to speed up your sustainability journey.
Matthew Shorten

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

With over 20 years’ experience in sustainability auditing and advisory, being a registered Greenhouse & Energy Auditor with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) and more recently becoming a registered Technical Consultant under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Program - Matt is the go-to person for all things sustainability.

Prof. Anthony Cheshire

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Utilising over 35 years of developing models and analytical tools to better understand vulnerabilities in systems, Anthony supports and guides the development team in visioning and creating technology-based solutions that derive knowledge and information from raw data. His role involves working with the team on strategic visioning, technical analysis and R&D.
Dr Grant Westphalen

Solutions Specialist

Our go to person for solving challenges in system design and automation as well as understanding customer needs. Grant brings over 20 years experience in data mining, energy and greenhouse gas accounting and auditing. Grant has been involved in a number of flagship programs such as Virgin Australia’s Fly Carbon Neutral program, Peter Lehmann Wine Limited’s, The Clare Project, Australia’s first NCOS certified wine product and Australia’s first carbon neutral Universities, being The Charles Sturt University and University of Tasmania.
Olga Iouchina

Manager – Corporate Services

As an experienced customer management and corporate manager, Olga oversees the various structures, mechanisms and systems associated with managing day to day matters of the back office and customer support.
Joe Walker

Systems Manager, Lead Programmer

As Trellis’ computer programming powerhouse - Joe leads the Trellis development team in developing and maintaining Trellis as the leading solution for environmental reporting, transaction intelligence and governance.
Dr David Turner


Bringing over 20 years’ experience in environmental science and informatics, David creates novel solutions for complex problems at Trellis. He’s the brain behind our information modelling and automation streamlining of data pipelines.
Koleh David

Graduate Programmer

Koleh brings a range of programming skills and youthful enthusiasm for projects which support the various infrastructure and tools within the Trellis data extraction, transform and load process.

Full Stack Software Developer

As an experienced full stack software developer who has worked with both startups and large organizations, Medha loves building things. While hard engineering problems are often intrinsically fun to tackle, she is most attracted to solving real customer problems with a business justification. Medha works on everything from the back end software (servers, database management) to the front end Trellis interface.

Our History


We started with sustainability

We’ve been consulting many of Australia’s largest and leading sustainability-focused organisations.


We became a SAAS provider

We provided customers with a web access to our internal database (formerly known as C3online)


We introduced Trellis

We released a new and improved technology, driven by our commitment and passion for collaboration and data driven decision making from a ‘single source of truth’ – transactional data.


Well beyond sustainability

Trellis is supporting a broader focus of business areas including finance, procurement, facility/asset management, business analysts and environmental management to improve corporate sustainability as well as growth insight.