About Trellis
Trellis provides a powerful software solution to organisations who are serious about emissions reduction, cost optimisation and staying ahead of their ESG legislative requirements.
Pavlo Smoliy

Chief Executive Officer

Pavlo brings over 15 years of professional experience to Trellis, having previously held senior positions as a Performance Leader for a team of 140 people as well as being an Associate Director working on large technology enabled transformations in the UK, Europe and Australia. He brings a wealth of experience, positive energy and  enthusiasm as well as leadership and coaching skills to Trellis Technologies Pty Ltd. Passionate about minimising his carbon footprint, Pavlo has embraced sustainability strategies in his everyday life; this includes weekly trips to the Adelaide Farmers Market, avoidance of products made of plastic as well as walking or cycling wherever he can.
Matthew Shorten

Co-founder & Director

With over 20 years’ experience in sustainability auditing and advisory, being a registered Greenhouse & Energy Auditor with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) and more recently becoming a registered Technical Consultant under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Program - Matt is the go-to person for all things sustainability.

Prof. Anthony Cheshire

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Utilising over 35 years of developing models and analytical tools to better understand vulnerabilities in systems, Anthony supports and guides the development team in visioning and creating technology-based solutions that derive knowledge and information from raw data. His role involves working with the team on strategic visioning, technical analysis and R&D.
Dr Grant Westphalen

Solutions Specialist

Our go to person for solving challenges in system design and automation as well as understanding customer needs. Grant brings over 20 years experience in data mining, energy and greenhouse gas accounting and auditing. Grant has been involved in a number of flagship programs such as Virgin Australia’s Fly Carbon Neutral program, Peter Lehmann Wine Limited’s, The Clare Project, Australia’s first NCOS certified wine product and Australia’s first carbon neutral Universities, being The Charles Sturt University and University of Tasmania.


Joining the dots of your sustainability journey

Our mission is to provide full visibility of your organisational carbon footprint; delivering impactful insights and analytics to accelerate your path towards Net Zero.


Working around the clock, so you don’t have to

We are a team of exceptionally skilled PHD level data scientists, Climate Active consultants and software engineers who are driven by our customer needs and their sustainability objectives.

Our Story

Founded in sustainability, developed in fintech


We started as sustainability consultants

Originally under the name Balanced Carbon, Trellis was founded by ESG consultants to Australia’s leading sustainability-focused organisations.


We became a SaaS provider

In a mission to help our customers track their environmental data, we provided them with  web access to our internal database (formerly known as C3online).


We introduced Trellis

With a growing pressure on organisations to understand the connection between environmental and financial impact, as well as the need to accurately report on it – we developed the capability to produce financial grade emissions data.

In 2016 we released an improved technology that uses transactional data of any organisation, applies Machine Learning and enables data driven decision-making from a ‘single source of truth’.


Beyond environmental sustainability

Trellis now supports and enables collaboration between multiple business functions, including Finance, Procurement, and Facility and Asset Management. Its insights have been helping over 50 organisations, including an ASX listed entity, to achieve their environmental and financial sustainability goals.