About Beyond Bank Australia

Beyond Bank Australia is one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks, with assets under management over $4 billion, 195,000 customers, 49 branches, access to over 3,000 rediATM’s and 600 staff.

They  provide personal and business banking services along with financial services. Beyond Bank work closely with community groups supporting charitable organisations and initiatives through fundraising, donations, and actively helping volunteering within the community.

What is an Energy Audit?

Performed in accordance with Australian Standard AS:3598, energy audits evaluate current energy use, inspect the uses of energy and provide energy improvement recommendations. There are three levels of audit, providing different levels of accuracy for measurement and recommendations.

Undertaking Pilot Energy Audits

Balance Carbon undertook a pilot energy audit program for Beyond Bank Australia, working with the Bank to selective representative, anomalous or significant sites using the data already populated within their Trellis subscription.

The sites selected covered the full scope of operations for Beyond Bank, ensuring that the energy efficiency improvement recommendations made were broadly applicable across all facilities occupied by Beyond Bank.

A total of $49,636/annum in savings were identified across the facilities audited, which for a capital expenditure of $154,223 demonstrated a total simple project payback period of 3 years.

Importantly, behavioural changes and utilising existing programmable settings on equipment were identified at the time of each audit ensuring Beyond Bank started saving energy and money from the audit onwards.

Energy Savings Identified

In addition to the common suggestions for improved efficiency in lighting, utilising device efficiency settings and narrowing the permitted temperature range on the space cooling and heating, Balance Carbon identified the following unique opportunities for Beyond Bank’s facilities:

  • Re-configuration of the HVAC venting systems to condition only the occupied spaces
  • Switching off of the light fittings located within half a meter of large windows
  • Installation of an awning for a large east facing window to reduce the solar heat gain during the day

Balance Carbon was also asked to consider emissions reduction activities for the facilities audited and any recommendations on the utilisation of space. To this effect we provided cost benefit analysis on the installation of solar panels and discussed space design for improved energy efficiency and broader sustainability outcomes.

Maturing Environmental Management

Beyond Bank have placed a concerted focus on sustainability reporting and management in 2015 utilising Balance Carbon’s Trellis – Sustainability Faster SaaS system.

As new signatories to the B Corp standard, Beyond Bank have been proactive in measuring, reporting and improving their sustainability performance.

More Information

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