Image Source: Trellis, City of Maribyrnong administered faciltiies.

Maribyrnong is a diverse inner city Melbourne council, administering services to 83,000 local residents with a wide range of commercial and manufacturing industries (idcommunity | demographic resources, 2016). Centred around the Maribyrnong River, the council area covers 31.2 square kilometres and provides a significant number of community services inclusive of the Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre, community facilities, child care and parks.

Working with Balance Carbon

In 2015, Balance Carbon was successful in being awarded the City of Maribyrnong contract for the provision of a software solution to facilitate the City of Maribyrnong’s annual greenhouse gas inventory and the analysis of utility and resource billing information.

Balance Carbon’s Trellis system intercepts, processes and interprets all invoices received by the Council for electricity, natural gas, transport fuel and water accounts. For the FY16 reporting year, Maribyrnong City Council received over 3,300 bills. Trellis automatically extracts and reads each line item of the bill to allow for in depth analysis of all consumption and associated charges resulting in easy interpretation of over 18,000 valuable data lines for the same period across the approximately 200 facilities.

Trellis – Sustainability Faster

With all utility invoice data electronically loaded into Trellis, Balance Carbon eliminates the data handling and management task for the staff at the City of Maribyrnong. With data loaded in a consistent format, staff time is spent less on calculating the amount used or spent and more on utilising Trellis’s intelligence in analysing and actively continually improving.

To further facilitate this, Trellis has inbuilt analysis presenting bills which demonstrate greater than the Council set thresholds for year on year utility consumption and cost data. This facilitates quick and easy discovery of sites with unexpected trends in electricity, natural gas or water consumption highlighting emissions savings and/or issues at the facility.

Driving emissions reductions

Using Trellis, Maribyrnong City Council where able to calculate and demonstrate emissions reductions of 15% between FY15 and FY16. This is a significant single year emissions reduction for any Council and was achieved through a combination of projects inclusive of:

  • Energy efficient T5s and LEDs replaced mercury lights as part of the Community Energy Efficiency funded projects “Lighting the West” and “emPOWERIng Maribyrnong” completed in March 2016.
  • West Footscray Library, Operations Centre and Braybrook Community Centre: installation of 30 kW solar systems.

Figure 1: Maribyrnong City Council Calculated Greenhouse Gas Inventory


Please note that the information presented is the responsibility of Balance Carbon. Maribyrnong City Council will not be held responsible for the accuracy of information provided in this case study.