Using sophisticated machine learning and smart algorithms, Trellis is the most valuable extension to your team, delivering seamless and continual insights from transactions, which continually bear fruit across multiple business areas.

Environment & Sustainability
Tired of being an information chaser? Sick of incomplete or estimated data? Become an information champion in your organisation by unlocking transaction insights across your suppliers and operations
Trellis is your newest team member
  • Convert any transaction to tCO2-e
  • Generate NGER Act reporting
  • Become Climate Active certified
  • Connect the dots between transactions, costs and sustainability metrics
  • Monitor progress against targets
  • Monitor project and initiative effectiveness
  • Apply limitless KPIs and benchmarks at meter, facility, portfolio, supplier and other levels
  • Enable auditor efficiency via facilitated third party auditor access
  • Process and interpret transaction data with a sustainability lens from any provider or supplier

Facilities & Asset Management
Trellis in next to real time processes and interprets data from original electronic invoices from ANY supplier. No supplementary data files, data gaps plugged with estimates or shipment offshore for manual processing
We’re talking an automated workflow and machine learning extraction and reporting from a single source of truth with direct access to the original invoice records.
  • Access original invoice files
  • Monitor projects
  • Integrate sub metering data
  • Integrate energy production data
  • Monitor solar feed-in
  • Track new meters and connections
  • Identify anomalies and exceptions
  • Go-to-market data
  • Track data completeness
  • Demonstrate results
  • Set alerts and notifications

Finance & Procurement
We know you have a finance system
That’s why we run a parallel value added automated workflow to support you and your stakeholders with deeper dives into your transaction data, which will continually bear fruit.
  • Translate electronic PDF invoices into data files
  • Enrich bill approval processes
  • Automate bill approvals
  • Integrate processed data into finance systems
  • Monitor budget spend
  • Automatically apply cost and GL codes to transactions
  • Monitor invoice volumes
  • Monitor supplier compliance and KPIs

Business Analysts
The quality of your transactions tells a lot about your organisations health.
Having a live feed of transaction detail and trends with all the sustainability metrics overlayed sound interesting? That’s just a start.
  • Unlock forensic detail from transactions in next to real time
  • Export all data to excel or .csv
  • Apply any KPI, benchmark or custom attribute
  • Integrate with existing Enterprise Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Analyse spend by supplier
  • Analyse supplier and invoice characteristics & compliance