Your virtual data manager

Trellis solution uses Machine Learning and other tools to transform complex, unstructured transactional data of any organisation into a centralised, structured and validated data-set.

This data-set is then visualised to provide relevant insights, legislative and voluntary disclosure, reporting and exception handling in ESG space.

Data Capture

Trellis automates data capture from your utility bills and other sources, converting any transaction to CO2 equivalent for finance-grade emissions data.

Trellis provides a single source of truth for all data relating to:

  • Utilities
  • Resources
  • Waste
  • Fuel
  • Refrigerants
  • Solar power
  • Supply chain related to ESG and GHG reporting
Direct from the source

Automate the data transformation process directly from source documents, significantly reducing the risk of transcription error and ensuring strong data integrity.

Automated data aggregation and segregation

Automatically segregate bills and activity by site location, and aggregate data using a wide range of factors and functionalities.

Scope 3 data capture

Capture and report Scope 3 activities, consistent with Climate Active requirements. Scope 3 categories are regularly updated to maintain alignment with national frameworks.

Carbon Accounting

Trellis provides reporting and insights across all environmental metrics, for Scopes 1, 2 and 3 data.

NGER Act and Climate Active reporting

In addition to the Scope 1 and 2 emissions factors, Trellis also enables the direct reporting of facilities (and activities) identified as Scope 3. Have confidence that all Scope 1 and 2 emissions sources reported are consistent with the NGER legislation, and Scope 3 sites and activities in accordance with Climate Active.

Streamlined auditing for NGERs, ISO standards and Climate Active

Give assurance providers direct access to reports and individual source data, significantly streamlining the administration associated with assurance procedures.

Limitless KPIs and benchmarks

Access an extensive range of reports and insights dependent on the specific requirements of your organisation.

Utilities Optimisation

Trellis captures and validates your data to ensure a high degree of maturity of financial governance.

Trellis’s core offering includes the integration, processing, validation and reporting across major metrics of cost, consumption (units) and energy usage for efficiency savings.

Interval data analysis

The Interval Data Module provides in-depth cost analysis to reduce peak demand and assess the viability of time of use tariffs – potentially generating thousands of dollars in savings per site.

Streamline Accounts Payable

Contract validation

The Contract Validation Module enables you to check individual utility or waste invoice against contracted rates. This allows application of correct charges at the unit level (including pay on time discounts and other tariffs).

Payment file generation

Radically streamline your bill approvals by reducing or eliminating manual data entry. Trellis integrates pre-checked invoice data into your Finance / ERP solution or desired location through API and manual import.

Street light Reporting

*Specialist Council Feature

Ensure the highest level of governance for your transition to LED street lighting. Designed for local government organisations, the Street light Report Module provides a summary of data and the associated insights on energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and total costs. The analysis uses data obtained from Australian Power Networks and data extracted from retailer invoices.

Essential Characteristics


Trellis scales with your organisation – opening up to an unlimited amount of sites, users and supply chains.


Trellis adapts to any changes in your business structure – including the addition or subtraction of new sites, meters, resources, and/or related suppliers. As an agile company, Trellis is continually evolving and is designed to adapt to bespoke needs.


Trellis reads directly off your utility bills to automate data capture, integration, processing and reporting – saving you thousands of hours every year.

Speed & Accuracy

Trellis obtains your data quickly and directly form the source, avoiding error-prone estimation.


Trellis provides hands-on support, allowing you to have a seamless experience for years to come. Our team is made up of former Clean Energy Regulator auditors and current Climate Active consultants, giving you access to the subject matter knowledge you need.


Trellis application and database servers, as well as backup storage, are provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Connections are encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol, key exchange and cipher.