Sustainable data management

Turn legislated requirements into business advantages, with centralised ESG data management.

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Bring visibility and control to your climate strategy

Tightening legislation and stakeholder demands are accelerating the need for sustainable operations. Trellis automates your utility cost and emissions-related data capture. It centralises your reporting helping enact your climate strategy and turn it into a competitive advantage.

01. Capture
Capture all data relating to utilities, waste, fuel, refrigerants, and supply chain-related ESG and GHG reporting.
02. Report
Generate a comprehensive array of reports and insights for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions data, in accordance with NGER Act, Climate Active and other national and international standards and protocols.
03. Act
Confidently make informed decisions that reduce costs while accelerating progress toward your sustainability commitments.
Trusted by the world’s smartest Environmental, Finance and Asset teams
Confidently report on NGER, Climate Active, TCFD and other global standards

While you’re faced with rapidly evolving standards and legislation, Trellis adapts to meet these requirements.

Trellis enables compliance with NGER, Climate Active, TFCD and more, providing you with confidence in your ability to adapt to a developing legislative landscape.

Why Trellis

Trellis brings automation, digitisation and rigour to your ESG data management and related expense control.

Centralised Database

Trellis provides an end-to-end solution from data capture to bill validation, enabling a single point of truth for your ESG data management.

Agile Solutions

With innovation and adaptability core to its values, Trellis grows with you and your internal and external requirements.

Data Accuracy

Trellis ensures a high degree of data completeness, accuracy and integrity and is trusted by many NGER and Climate Active reporting entities.

Scope 3 Data Capture

Trellis enables you to capture and report on Scope 3 activities, consistent with Climate Active requirements. Scope 3 categories are regularly updated to maintain alignment with national frameworks.

Carbon Accounting

Carbon accounting is Trellis’ core offering. It includes the integration, processing, validation and reporting across major metrics of cost, consumption (units), energy usage and GHG emissions.

High Value Solution

As a nimble, configurable and programmable system, Trellis provides a significant cost advantage over more rigid platforms.

The support of experts

Trellis’ customer support is hands-on and available to help. The team has experience auditing for the Clean Energy Regulator and supporting organisations through their Climate Active accreditation process, providing you access to invaluable subject matter expertise.

The time to act is now

Set yourself up for future success with the ultimate sustainability partner.

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