January 27, 2020 Business Analysts Environment & Sustainability

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University (“CSU”) was established in 1989 as a multi-campus institution and, over the past 25 years, has grown into a dynamic and progressive university well-known for its innovative approach to education and applied research.

Going Carbon Neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard now Climate Active

Charles Sturt University are the first Australian University to seek carbon neutral status. To assist with and manage this process, CSU selected Trellis Technologies from a competitive tender.

Working with Trellis Technologies

Utilising specialist expertise in preparing National Carbon Offset Standard compliant inventories, Trellis Technologies prepared CSU’s initial application package. This included the following deliverables:

  • Preparation of the annual inventory utilising the Trellis software platform
  • Preparation of a draft product disclosure statement
  • Preparation of a basis of preparation document outlining the data used, methodology for emissions calculations, assumptions made and record keeping requirements under NCOS
  • Presentation to the Vice Chancellor on the initial application
  • On-going liaison with the Department of Environment

Additionally, Trellis Technologies managed the initial reasonable assurance engagement, engaging the auditor on the behalf of CSU and working closely with the auditor to finalise all queries. This process was considerably streamlined through the availability of all data used to prepare the inventory being made available to the auditor through the Trellis platform. The Trellis team were also on hand to assist with all enquiries made by the Department.

Developing a comprehensive inventory and associated documentation in readiness for formal certification can be a pretty daunting task, even for an organisation that has been proactive in the area of carbon management and reporting. Trellis Technologies provided CSU with the expertise, resources and peace of mind to be able to work through this process promptly and with confidence.

Edward Maher
Manager CSU Green

Trellis Technologies congratulates CSU on this important achievement and are pleased to be involved in such a rewarding and inspiring initiative.