January 24, 2023

University of South Australia

Efficiency simplified

Trellis’ insights help UniSA reduce their energy consumption and spend.

Wayne Shore is the Services Engineer at University of South Australia (UniSA), the largest public university in South Australia. He is responsible for energy efficiency initiatives and tracking the university’s energy usage.

Wayne has been using Trellis since 2013 (back when the platform was in its minimal viable product phase) in order to accurately monitor and report on the university’s energy consumption. 

Trellis has proved to be a valuable tool for Wayne and UniSA, supporting their ability to make financial and environmental decisions and monitor facilities maintenance issues.


Tracking consumption and delivering savings

Wayne uses Trellis to provide a detailed review of historical spend and consumption, and to set future budgets. 

It has also helped track the effectiveness of initiatives such as rolling lighting upgrades and plant upgrades, and has even helped identify and fix facilities maintenance issues, saving the university $75,000 in water leak repairs in the past year.

“Trellis provides everything from high level reports to the ability to quickly extract consumption and cost data for each meter,” says Wayne. “This makes it easy for me to pinpoint issues and address them.” 


Informing sustainability decisions

In addition to delivering financial savings, Trellis has been integral to the university’s sustainability reporting. Wayne has used it to measure the impact of solar installations and other energy efficiency initiatives on the university’s carbon emissions. As a result, it has been incredibly valuable for informing management decisions.

“Trellis helps us understand a projects’ impact on energy emissions and gives us the tools to explain our recommendations to management,” Wayne explains. “It’s allowed me to get projects approved more rapidly.”


A powerful partnership

Wayne is excited about UniSA’s ongoing partnership with Trellis, and the platform’s ability to provide even more automation to the university’s emissions data management. He is particularly impressed with the Trellis team’s openness to feature requests and feedback. 

“Overall, I have found Trellis to be a powerful and useful tool. I thoroughly recommend it to organisations who want to improve energy efficiency and track sustainability efforts.”