Why Trellis?

To truly drive sustainability faster you need a solution, which delivers your teams with consistent, reliable financial grade information from across your operations with no limitations on supplier or data type in next to real time. Simple.

Your most efficient path to sustainability

Immediate insights you can act on
Unlock the detail in transactions to deliver insights, alerts, notifications and reporting from across your organisation, so you can action in next to real time and save money.
  • Having faster access to interpreted transaction data means speedier response to exception handling across your portfolio.
  • Being supplier and transaction type agnostic, Trellis broadens your ability to detect exceptions, trends and anomalies in ANY transaction
  • Trellis tags any transaction with applicable energy, emissions and sustainability metrics & conversions
  • Alerts and notifications ensure you are kept up to data with your asset and sustainability performance and underlying data completeness and supplier portfolio.
  • Using original electronic PDF invoices from any transaction type as the single source, delivers transparency and trust amongst stakeholders and third-party vendors.
  • Achieve and maintain legislative compliance with the National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Act & Climate Active Certification
  • Contribute to ISO14001, GRESB, GRI and B-Corp certifications and compliance

Simplified data collection
A continual and secure data feed
  • No duplicate data files required. Trellis via its advanced machine learning and complex algorithms draws all reporting from original electronic PDF invoices
  • Make use of the data contained in invoices and other sources without time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.
  • Don’t be limited to electricity, gas and water reporting, Trellis can process and interpret any transaction type
  • Streamline sustainability and emissions reporting. Trellis automatically calculates carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • Configure insights and notifications to match user needs
  • Streamline third-party access for compliance audits and assurance.

Helping you work better together
Bringing the right people and right information together
  • Your sustainability journey speeds up with greater visibility and access to trusted single source of truth
  • Trellis insights and reporting ensures a strong value proposition across multiple business areas
  • Unlimited user login at your organisation gives you the power to yield greater influence and insight like never before.
  • Distribute key insights and notifications amongst multiple stakeholders
  • Become a data champion in your organisation.